Reduce risk, save time and enjoy renting

Properize provides real estate professionals and private landlords with tenant screening services

Handling personal information

You cannot simply ask to see a payslip.

GDPR imposes restrictions on the handling of personal data. We take care of this and improve your tenant onboarding process.

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A new way of screening tenants.

Forget about asking your tenants for payslips or employment contracts! We can now obtain the information directly from the tenant’s own bank. Properize works with Plaid, our Open Banking partner, which connects us to over 11,000 financial institutions worldwide.

Unlock your true potential

If you hate it, automate it!

Many hours are spent daily on tasks that can be easily automated. Our tenant screening tool integrates into your workflow to help your business save time and money.

Lightning fast

Approve a tenant in less than 1 minute with a simple digital process.

Tamper resistant

Prevent fraud by relying on the last 365 days of transaction data provided safely by the tenant's bank.

Protect yourself

Detect risky behavior by looking for transactions with collection agencies, casinos and similar.

Verify identity

Banks already perform a rigorous customer due diligence process, why not piggyback on this?

Beyond borders

Check expats and work migrants that have just relocated by connecting to the bank in their country of origin.

Helping entrepeneurs

We offer a solution to allow ZZPers prove their average monthly income with a simple process at their fingertips


We are still working on this solution

Currently we are testing our tenant screening tool with a small number of real estate investors.

Do you want to use our tool for FREE for a limited time period? Register for our Early Adopter program.

Please note we are only active in the Netherlands at the moment, but please let us know if you would like us to operate in your country.

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